assignment 7

For this assignment we were given the option of creating our perspectives with either Artlantis, a rendering program, or through a combination of digital and hand media. I chose to portray my two room sequence as a series of collages to show their  concepts rather than a photorealistic image of what they would ideally look like.

spatial composition diagram

circulation diagram

views diagram

The two spaces that I used for this assignment are my dynamic pool and the entry space to my dynamic pool. The dynamic pool that I designed has a strong connection and a large view of the lake at the bottom of the site. Because of this large view I wanted to control the way that someone would enter into the space. I created a hallway that splits the dynamic room in half and forces you to enter the room in an area that is very dark and separated from the main view so that someone would have to move through the entire space in order the experience the view.


One Response to “assignment 7”

  1. Great use of selective color, line drawings and collage to create the mood of the space. I’m glad that some of you chose the alternative option for the assignment.

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