assignment 4

The idea behind this pool was to create a space that feels very enclosed with only one light source that brings light and color into the room. The pool in this room is hot, around 105º and because of this high temperature I wanted to create a series of levels to allow the people who are using the pool to be as submerged as they wish to be.

As you enter the space there is a deep red wall with a small aperture towards the top that allows you to see the glowing blue windows in the main volume of the space. As you turn and progress through the space there is a wall that is not quite parallel to the red wall, this wall helps to move people through the space by its color. It does this with a soft red hugh due to the reflection of the red wall and a soft blue glow from the blue window.

The materials of this room are concrete and glass. The walls, floor and ceiling are all made of concrete as well as all of the seating. This is to help create the feeling of a dark enclosed cave like space. The light source is made up of two types of glass. There are the round blue plates of glass that are fairly dark and only offer dim blue light. These disks are connected to each other by thinner pieces of clear glass, which offer more intense and direct light. The effect of this window is the same as that of stained glass in a church, the introduction of diffused light into a dark space.


2 Responses to “assignment 4”

  1. 1 danbaldner

    Good drawings. 105 degrees is pretty darned hot! Multiple levels is a good idea.

  2. 2 Ray Tam

    Great use of incorporating your collage materials into your section and perspective. The highlighting and shadows really contribute to creating the mood for the space. Nice job!

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