assignment 3

drawn door

photograph of door

vectored door

The first image is a freehand sketch of a door. This was drawn on location not from a photograph.

The second image is a photograph of the door.

The third image is a vector trace of the photograph of the door. The colors and shading of this image were done by creating shapes of the area that would be a specific color and than filling that shape with the exact color of that area taken from the photograph. I did not use any gradient fills in the entire piece.


2 Responses to “assignment 3”

  1. Josie B! hey i want to start by saying your shadows are legit in your vector presentation! and it should also be noted that you have amazing drawing skills, your sketch is unbelievable!

  2. 2 danbaldner

    Very nice work! The freehand sketch is great. There are some minor issues with the perspective of some sections of the baseboard and the bottom rail of the left door, but it give a nice feel to the volume and complexity of the space. Interesting to see the similarity and differences of the three images.

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