nude portrait of a subject

I create art not for anyone to see, not for commission, nor fame, nor ego; I generate my art because it is second nature, it is involuntary and it is a part of who I am. I draw without the intent of conveying my thoughts or my subject’s emotions. I draw to satisfy an inherent need. The main purpose of my art is to make myself happy rather than others because I am my own harshest critic. I believe that the most profound art is created without a purpose. It is created only to fulfill a self-need not just a public one.

The first time that I went to a drop-in figure studio I was not a skilled painter. I had only painted bowls of fruit and images from photographs. I walked into the studio not knowing what to expect. Everyone in the studio was a professional artist who knew what they were doing except for me. I set up my easel, my paints, my pallet and waited for the model. She came in, dropped her clothes and posed. I started to draw. I drew neither an image of what this girl looked like nor a quick sketch of the body’s placement; I draw the shapes that the shadows made on her back and the lines that made up the contours of her arm. As soon as I started to draw and paint her I left all of my preconceptions of what she should look like behind and simply drew what I saw and in doing this I made my painting great instead of mediocre.

I believe that all art is meaningful, but that great art is only formed without pretence and with no preconceptions. Great art is created on a whim it cannot be planned out it just happens.